Obama: Our Supreme Court should be above politics and it should but Obama has once again poisoned the well

We cannot believe what Obama claims about the SCOTUS being above politics because he chose a nominee that would support Gun control and Abortion. He knows it is him who brought politics to the table because his nominee was chosen in hopes of moving the Obama political agenda forward. Obama can tell all the lies he wants, they don’t change the truth which is this Nominee is political in the sense Obama is trying to stack the deck in his favor as he continues his assault on the Constitution. and our rights. I am hoping time moves quickly because honestly the disrespect Obama treats the Constitution with is hard to deal with. We cannot be rid of him soon enough. Have a great day, I am signing off but never tapping out.

God Bless America.



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  1. You know, I really don’t blame him for doing what he did. And I don’t blame the GOP in the Senate for doing what they’re doing. If the roles were reversed, and we had a Republican president, he/she would most certainly be nominating someone, and if Harry Reid were still the Majority Leader in the Senate, he would most certainly be denying a vote, saying exactly the same thing Mitch McConnell is. It’s called politics and there is no truth in politics.

  2. I whole hardheartedly agree, if I were president I would want like minded people on the SCOTUS what eats at me is his relentless attempts to diminish our rights. .but as you say it is politics which is by its own nature infuriating. =)

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