Mistress of contradiction

Even as she racks up primary wins, Hillary Clinton is proving herself to be more delusionary than visionary. She is the “contradiction candidate.”

Listening to Clinton’s victory remarks after the latest round of primaries, it is clearer than ever why in a recent Gallup poll, most voters associate these words with her: “dishonest, liar, don’t trust her, poor character.”

At a rally in Florida, Clinton said, “…our next president needs to be ready to face three big tasks. First can you make positive differences in people’s lives? Second, can you keep us safe? Third, can you bring our country together again?”

But consider these Clintonian contradictions:

She says, “Ask any parent, you’ll hear nothing is more important than making sure their kids have a good school and a good teacher, no matter what zip code they live in.” But in a craven caving to teachers’ unions, Clinton abandoned her previous qualified tolerance of limited school choice and is now an unqualified defender of consigning many minority children and their parents to failed and dangerous public schools. Of course, Clinton’s daughter, Chelsea, attended private school.

Clinton says that, “…hard working Americans across our country deserve a president with both the ideas and the know-how to create good jobs with rising incomes right here in our country.” Never mind the contradiction that as a U.S. senator, Clinton was a foe of policies helping job creation—especially by small businesses. Never mind the contradiction that Clinton gave President Obama an “A” for his handling of an economy that has, during his term, resulted in middle class incomes dropping and poverty increasing, especially among Clinton’s base of minority voters.



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  1. Once again Basharr, you’ve hit the nail on the head. Hillary’s only fault is total and unabashed pandering to the NEA and the AFT. She needs all of the union support she can get! And as far as creating jobs, she needs to learn one lesson: Government, unless it’s re-staffing itself, doesn’t create any jobs. Only private industry does that. The sooner EVERY candidate learns that the better off we all will be!

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