Democratic Lawmaker Says Clinton Will Never Be Indicted

Funny this is one crook  speaking of another crook I remember the headline “Charlie Rangel Guilty of 11 ethics violations” So when this guy talks about Clinton I take that with a grain of salt. To be honest I am not expecting an indictment because I do not believe our current President has a grasp on what is right and just you see this president fancies himself a king, who can pass judgment on a whim like giving Eric Holder executive privilege in the “Fast and Furious scandal where strangely enough American lives were again lost So if he gave Holder a pass then it is likely he will give Hillary a pass. and besides Hillary is his only chance at keeping the white house in liberal control. and with that said I would argue that we as a nation cannot afford the likes Of Obama, or Hillary because they both have flaunted the law and failed the people at every turn. There is nothing worse than a leadership that has one set of rules for the people and one set of rules  for his allies. That was not the intention of the Constitution and in fact it bastardizes the Constitution.So if Hillary walks we can only hope it will not be into the White House..We the people are angry not only is Obama double dealing us but those who have broken the laws we are held to are living large and rubbing our noses in the fact they do what they want and screw us every chance they get. Look at Hillary and her lech of a husband they are rich, and when I say rich it is huge wealth though they would have us believe they struggle like the common folks to get by. They do not! Obama’s daughters had designer gowns made for an event at a cost of about twenty thousand dollars a piece. A dress they may wear once and we are paying for such extravagance. This is not to mention Michelle Obama and the vast amount of money we spent on her fashion needs. Do you know that Nancy Reagan used to go to designers or some of her Hollywood friends and borrow gowns to wear at a white house event. Like Michelle couldn’t borrow something from Beyonce?  You see this is all one big party that we the people are funding but not being invited to. Its no big deal we left dead Americans in Benghazi, or that Hillary tried to bury the truth about her private email server which was against the law. no the jokes on us as Obama has spent trillions of dollars and you and I are struggling to get by Obama, and Hillary and people like Charlie Rangle know the joke is on us. It seems it doesn’t matter who gets killed, who gets by and who suffers under liberal leadership the one thing that is certain is that if Hillary Makes it to the white house it will continue they will live large, make lots of money while you and i foot the bill. Is it any wonder why Americans are pissed the hell off?

Signing off but never tapping out!

God Bless America!



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  1. Well, I will say this…when it comes to escaping the jaws of indictments, Charlie Rangel is master of all he surveys!

  2. I agree I remember he broke down in tears but I could not find it within me to feel sorry for him.

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