Secret meetings Negotiated by Trey Gowdy on Benghazi

By Sandy Fitzgerald   |   Saturday, 19 Mar 2016 09:20 AM

The White House initially rejected a request for National Security Adviser Susan Rice and her deputy, Ben Rhodes, to testify before the House Benghazi committee, but relented after panel Chairman Trey Gowdy and White House officials held a secret negotiations meeting.

A source familiar with the meeting told Fox News that Gowdy, R-S.C., stepped in personally stepped in to negotiate to bring the pair before the committee, which is investigating the 2012 attacks on the Benghazi, Libya diplomatic compound.
Fox News’ Catherine Herridge reports that the meeting, held with members of the White House Counsel’s office, took place in late January in Charlotte, North Carolina, where the details were finalized.

Rice and Rhodes were central witnesses in the probe about their role in the administration’s narrative that blamed the attacks, in which Ambassador Chris Stevens, Information Officer Sean Smith, and two CIA operatives, Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods were killed, on protests over an anti-Islam video.

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest did not respond directly to questions about the meeting, saying that the Obama administration has sought to cooperate with the committee, even though Republicans acknowledge its “pure political motivation.”


Former CIA Director David Petraeus is to return for a second testimony session Saturday,  which Fox News reports he agreed to in January as an opportunity to “close the loop” after Rhodes and Rice testified. The meeting will take place in a secure area of the Capitol at 10 a.m., and will involve counsel, not the whole committee.

So we know now what we have known pretty much since the attacks and it has been made clear the administrations Narrative all along was to blame the attacks on an anti Islam video. Which also leads me to believe that Hillary Clinton has again been caught in a lie and that she used the administrations narrative and did tell the Woods family they would get the guy responsible for making the video. To be honest this administration from day one has had a very poor relationship with the truth. We have a family who lost a son in that attack that Hillary has gone so far as to label them liars because you know getting the truth out of Hillary is like pulling teeth by hand out of a rabid Bear’s mouth with tweezers I know a lot of what we see in this report we already knew or believed was the true story . Sadly with this administration we rarely get honesty.
Signing off, but never Tapping out,
God Bless America!

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