The nerve of this jerk

Seniors on SSI got no cost of living raise this past year and three other years of the Obama presidency and yet Obama wants an increase in what former presidents get paid I am telling you folks this man is a self centered jerk that never should have been allowed anywhere near the white house.His wife, his daughters have dressed like royalty and still he wants more friggin money This man has no  soul plain and simple. He has divided our nation he has willingly aided in keeping the working man down, he is not understanding in any business that has the word JOB attached to it. and maybe he simply does not understand money does not grow on trees.This guy could not give a crap about you or I . I have this mental image of him holding a piggy bank and trying to work one of his bony fingers into the slot to get the last penny out of it. He is a heartless piece of crap. He and his family have lived extravagantly on the taxpayers dime, he has never taken steps to save us money.He has spent us into the poor house,we are borrowing money from China our debt is nineteen trillion dollars and counting. People are hurting and jobs are almost nonexistent and like I started this post out with our seniors got no cost of living raise, the people that need it most are being passed over as their bills increase and it is just too bad if he cannot live on $199,700 per year Thats what an ex president makes annually as always he puts himself ahead of We The People. I hope he gets denied the pay raise because he has not earned it as he continues to attack our rights  our freedoms and yes our nation. He still wants to saddle us with millions of Hispanics for which we have no jobs. Folks, where I come from a pay raise is for a Job well done. If he resigns today I would give him a dollar and even that is too much considering the damage he has inflicted on America’s reputation.. We as a nation can’t be rid of this guy soon enough.!

Signing off but never tapping out!

God Bless America!



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