Erick Ereckson can kiss my ass.

This guy does not support Trump and he states he is in talks with others (Conservatives) about ways to stop Trump from making it to the White House If any of you caught the video I posted yesterday you would see members of the GOP establishment saying they choose the nominee not the voters. So it is always nice to know what a bunch of pukes reside in my party! However to become a democrat is not even the most remote possibility. You see this election looks good for the GOP in terms of kicking the liberals out in the street. But thats not going to happen if these idiots in the establishment continue in their quest to derail Trump.I am sick of this back stabbing crap! When was the last time the Republicans controlled the White House? Yeah its been awhile because they could not secure a candidate that was willing to fight for power.McCain sucked big time and then to follow up they sent forth a lightweight who could have pounded Obama  who was ripe for the picking and Romney peed himself and that was the end of our hopes until now.So now the know-it-alls of the GOP establishment are doing all they can to hand the white house over to Hillary Clinton. If they keep up with this stupid third party candidate crap all will be lost. My message to the Establishment. When you have to eat some crap to stay alive, it is best not to dwell on it and just do it quickly.We the people want our house back!


Signing off but never tapping out

God Bless America!


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  1. Few in DC are real conservatives. I have had issues with some, as I am a registered member of the Conservative Party, and the simply piggyback with the GOP, whose members put on airs of being conservative, to gain voters and financial support.
    When I tried to run for election here for County Sheriff, the Conservative Party simply blew me off, and endorsed the GOP nominee for the spot. Unless there is political pressure on any of them, they will continue to stab people in the back. The ballot on election day is the best way to even-up. Let’s see if Trump wins, and how many lowlifes are suddenly going to change their tune to avoid angering the president. Problem is, too many vote as they see commercials or hear “free stuff” or some closed club elites talking, when they should be fire-breathing mad with brimstone, and vote the garbage out of elected office. Notice that Rubio will finish out his senate term December 2016 and return to private life. The Trump win in Florida throughout that state, told the true story of the everyday common people, and that will be the story all over America. An excellent cure for political backstabbers.

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