And so it begins

Obama has decided to nominate judge Merrick Garland to the SCOTUS The man claims to be a centrist he was opposed by Charles Grassley in 1997, he holds liberal views on gun rights and abortion. it is time for the republicans to stand their ground and keep their promise of no appointments to the SCOTUS in an election year. The Judge says he is a centrist and touts support on both sides of the aisle but I know why Obama wants him, his liberal views on abortion and gun control. First off I would not want another judge on the supreme Court that does not believe that the unborn though lacking in voice does not deserve the right to life. My readers know this is a huge issue to me and something I am unwilling to bend on.I see the term centrist used quite frequently when describing political appointees and most often those people hold more liberal views than I am comfortable with.You see, Centrist is a word designed to lull us into believing the person is balanced in his or her opinions. For me it is a word that often is anything but truthful.Sonia Sotomayor was touted as a centrist and she has held a liberal view in most of the bigger issues over the past two years that the SCOTUS has heard.So with this new judge it is essentially another chance for Obama to take away out second amendment rights. he holds a liberal view on gun control so shouldn’t we expect to face another gun control battle. Obama and these judges swear an oath to uphold the constitution but all to often they seek to change it to fit their liberal views. So Obama has sent a nomination of his Trojan horse  believing that we are dumb enough to believe in the thought that he could nominate someone who is truly in the center.Its politics, I get it but I am not falling for it. The GOP said no appointment in an election year and they had better stick with that promise. Obama is doing all he can to stack the deck against us non liberals because he is a president that only serves those who voted for him so he wants to make sure on his way out the left is content while on the right we will be punished for the crimes of others. Make your voice heard our rights are at stake.

Signing off, but never tapping out!

God Bless America.



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  1. Reblogged this on Rifleman III Journal and commented:
    …And congress, refuses to impose term limits on Supreme Court judges. Blame congress.

  2. Yes, the president has term limits I believe a lifetime position is unfair Congress and the senate should also have term limits but the problem is congress will never vote for term limits on them selves and in most cases they want these judges to stay put or at least maintain a majority in the SCOTUS Thanks for the reblog. Lets hope they block the nomination like they promised to do until after we are rid of obummer.

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