Oh she remembers, She left them to die for gods sake

I am sure Hillary would like everybody to forget the truth when she boldly states “We did not lose a single person in Libya.”Four Americans died there, four Americans that asked for extra security that she denied Three of those Americans were combat trained and recognized the dangers yet the novice know-it-all Clinton denied extra security and three warriors and a diplomat lost their lives. Yes she would like you to forget them but it is our duty as American patriots to never let that woman forget the atrocities that are directly a product of her inability to understand we don’t leave our people behind.We all know the story and with inept irresponsible leadership in the white house, those flaws trickle down to other members of the administration. These heroes did not have to lose their lives, their families did not have to know the pain and sorrow of losing a beloved family member. Hillary could have provided them the extra security that they requested but she said it wasn’t in the budget.Somebody please explain to me how Hillary decides saving American lives is not in the budget? Look I know you all know the story, but every time this monster opens her mouth about it it is always some twisted version of her making and has nothing to do with the truth. These men died because of her and her bullshit To top it off she and the Obama administration tried to say the deaths were a product of a spontaneous reaction triggered by an anti Muslim video a video. She now says she never said that and the mother of one of the victims stated that Hillary told her “We are going to get the person responsible for the video” Hillary has now done the un- thinkable by calling the mother of one of the victims a liar as Hillary says she never mentioned anything about a video.Hillary gets by on her lies in part because she is that plump grandmotherly looking type of woman and the fact that the Democrats are morally bankrupt. Hillary however is pathological in her relationship with the truth and I would venture to say she is quite diabolical , she is an evil person and has little to no ability to express remorse what so ever. She is up to her neck in legal troubles now but if you notice nothing stops her from seeking power and the important thing to remember is, when she has had power it has cost Americans their lives.Are you willing to trust her to protect America?

Signing Off but never tapping out.

God Bless America.


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