John Kasich suddenly supports Amnesty for the children of Illegals

You can tell that John Kasich is in the throws of desperation From the good Governor to the supporter of amnesty he has likely finished his run to become president because with Kasich’s new found support for amnesty I can pull out my crystal ball and tell you a few things about Kasich’s change of heart. He says we are all made in the image of the lord, which I will not argue with. But supporting amnesty for the children of illegals leads to a few problems. Amnesty for the children means either giving amnesty to the parents as well or separating the family. So do we keep the kids here and send the parents back home to Mexico? I didn’t think so. This sounds like something straight out of the liberals handbook. Amnesty for the children of illegals means amnesty eventually for the parents.

Governor Kasich, have you been paying attention to the debt America is saddled with? Have you familiarized yourself with the current job numbers in America? How many Americans lose jobs if Kasich’s plan gets him into the white house? This is an Obama play and that alone shows us how desperate the man is when he is willing  sell out his values. This makes Kasich another problem that America does not need.He should probably go play some golf with Obama and talk about policy or something. His usefulness to Americans just greatly diminished.  I like Kasich, I do but I think  he is too desperate to be trusted at the helm of this Nation.We have a process for immigration legally, there is no reason to open the gates just to score political points.America is suffering from the weight of all the illegals here already plain and simple it is the wrong move.

Signing off, but never tapping out!

God Bless America!


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