Beware Marco Rubio could land Hillary in the white house.

If Rubio continues his attacks on trump is it possible he could be paving the way for a Hillary Presidency? I remember Rubio used to claim to be a tea party supporter, then over a period of time he grew less and less tea party and more and more about nothing.His campaign is failing even though the GOP establishment backed his play which was actually a deal with the devil. Rubio got support because he became a tool of the establishment. He is nonstop in full on attack mode trying to bring Trump down. Here is the writing on the wall he is missing 1. His campaign is on the rocks.2. from the looks of things a majority of Americans are cheering Trump on. 3.he continues on knowing that his Hatred of trump could open the door for a Hillary Clinton Presidency and his petty fixation on Trump is pathetic. He should spend more time listening to the voice of reality which is quite simple to understand if he would take 5 seconds to look at his situation. He is a sell out, and he is losing big time. Pack it in son you are harming the Brand.

Signing off but never tapping out, God bless America



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  1. Rubio is the least presidential of any of the Republicans. You are quite correct that he ran from being tea party or conservative as soon as he won his senate seat.

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