Obama the look the other way President

It is no secret that Obama has been a pretty bad president in the grand scheme of things but there is absolutely no excuse for him to sit on the sideline  while Black lives matter protesters suppress freedom of speech. It is my feeling that if blacks were having their free speech rights suppressed he would be weighing in on the issue.Now I am not saying this is an issue of race per-say because my true belief is he has chosen to look the other way because it is Trump and his supporters which are a stark reminder of his failures as president.Now from what I have learned Obama is a supporter of black lives matter which is his right, however should he not be concerned about all lives mattering verses the members of what amounts to a hate group?What kind of a person finds fault with saying all lives matter? I believe in America all lives matter but I will be honest there are people on this planet that do not deserve the life they have.Its a personal opinion so don’t feel obliged to agree.=)Back to my train of thought, yes Obama has been a look the other way president. Benghazi, he has looked the other way. Hillary’s email scandal, he has looked the other way.Free speech being shut down by Black lives matter protesters, he is looking the other way. ISIS he has looked the other way when doe he stop averting his eyes and look directly at the problems festering right under his nose? Remember Ferguson? what did he do about it? Mostly looked the other way while the place burned. Right now in this nation there is unrest and he is looking elsewhere because doing so allows him to avoid that which makes him uncomfortable.He got involved in Trayvon Martin, in Michael Brown but even that was brief interaction and then he averted his vision in another direction. It is disappointing we have a president that appears to be afraid to view the very real reality of what he has molded from the clay of his presidency. We will be better off when his final term is brought to a close and we can get back to being an unapologetic America again. We need a leader not someone who shies away from the uncomfortable. one cannot run a nation while continually turning a blind eye to important issues. However his greatest flaw is he also averts his eyes from the man he sees in the mirror.


Signing off but never tapping out! God Bless America.


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