Hillary joins the GOP establishment

Right now Trump has his share of enemies like Ted Cruz, John Kasich, Marco Rubio, and Hillary Clinton.they are all blaming trump for violence at his rally the other night. Look Trumps says a lot of things that make people angry but most of it is true and needs to be said. America is in serious trouble and one man has stepped forward who is willing to fix it. His name is Donald Trump. Lets be honest America is awash with freeloaders sucking up every drop of cash they can from our country that is broke. Mr. Trump is paying his own way as he runs his campaign Yet because he says things without employing political correctness people fear him and this fear has begun to fester. So we Have Rubio latching onto that fear and exploiting it. Ted Cruz is doing the same  The GOP has made Trump agree to support the eventual nominee if it is not him but the GOP establishment continued to stab trump in the back at every turn. Even Kasich is blaming Trump for the violence and now Hillary is blaming trump as well. Honestly if it were not for Trump I would not be voting for any of these back stabbing opportunists.  And honestly the fact Hillary has joined in the attack is something that tells me she is eager to be rid of Trump and I believe that she believes Trump is a threat she cannot beat. Picture this scenario. Trump and Hillary go head to head he won’t pull punches and that will knock her off her game. In reality she has not won much and there is a ton of ammunition to hurl at her  that she won’t be able to counter. What is she going to say? Trump is rude? No she will be on her own. Of course this all depends on if Trump gets the Nomination, But I would sure love to watch it unfold.

Signing off, but never tapping out

God Bless America!


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