The attack on freedom of speech

Last night we got to see a bunch of protesters cause so much trouble that a Trump Rally had to be shut down over safety concerns. Again today in Ohio a Trump rally is again having to deal with the lawless. The very people causing trouble that stifle the right to free speech of others. There are various hate groups like Black Lives Matter that believe it is their right to deny others the right to free speech.They do not understand give and take and they do not believe others have a right to disagree with them. Out of a sense of right and wrong Trump shut down his Rally last night because he did not want to see anybody get hurt.

The problem here is we have seen this play out before in Ferguson,in Baltimore and countless other places where city and state officials have allowed a mob rules mentality to rule the day. It is dangerous to say the least and look at the damage that has been done by protesters in various cities across the country because people believe they are getting the shitty end of the stick. Largely when this stuff erupts it is because a few people have an ability to stir the crowd into a frenzy. When people start getting hurt, attacked, beaten, and such we need to see to it justice is being served. Trump paid for his rally last night, who is going to reimburse him for his losses? Nobody and that’s the Damn truth.because nobody is willing to put a stop to this crap because for some people it suits their agenda.You folks may agree with these tactics but let me tell you what is happening is our rights are being stomped upon by these protesters who honestly could give a rats ass about right and wrong and that’s the sad part.Today do we see Hillary anywhere speaking out in support of free speech? No we don’t because Hillary supports political correctness and would like nothing better to see our rights diminished. So I will end this rant but pay close attention to who is speaking out for free speech because it is on the endangered list and today in Ohio and Last night in Chicago is proof too many people in this nation have no respect for our rights and how to properly exercise them.

Signing off, but never tapping out! God Bless America!



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  1. You have just got a glimpse into how the left is going to deal with Donald Trump. When it doubt “bring the muscle out” as Melissa Click likes to say!

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