Rubio denounces political correctness

Sadly 5 seconds after denouncing political correctness he states “We can’t say whatever we want”. I beg to differ little Marco, anybody can say whatever they want though some things could cause the speaker some trouble. Look I know trump is pretty much unscripted and tells it like it is. Look last night Trump was attacked because he is not politically correct, which also happens to be a huge part of what has a nation flocking to him.Remember last night was Chicago, the home of Obama, the home of former right hand man to Obama, Rahm Emanuel I don’t doubt that Rham had a hand in this as well as a blessing from Obama. I could be wrong but it is becoming clear that there quite possibly will not be a democrat in the white house after Obama is done. Look the bottom line and the point of this post is the left is doing all it can to shut down Trump and in doing so are in a sense violating our rights. Look at it this way If Trump had done what Hillary has done, would he be in prison right now? You know without a doubt he would be in Prison, however Obama will not pressure Lynch because Obama sees Hillary as his last shot to keep liberals in control. But we also have another menace known as the GOP Establishment doing all it can to take Trump out of the contest. I find it hypocritical they have Trump promise an oath to support whoever gets the nomination and yet continue to stick knives in his back. I know, I know, this is politics. Now back to the top, I am tired of little Marco who cannot get his campaign off the launch pad jumping in on a near hourly basis to tell us all the things wrong with Trump. If you ask me, Trump is bringing it and it has people like Rubio facing the reality that the voters are not impressed with his performance. Rubio has a bad case of campaign envy.



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  1. I really like Marco…and I really wished he had done better than he’s done. But he’s young and in 8 years or so he’ll make a MUCH better candidate. Having said that, the only shock I have about the behavior of the Sanders supporters and the #blacklivesdon’tmatter crowd was the fact that nobody was shot. After all, it WAS Chicago.

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