1.4 million calls dropped!

Thats a huge number but what makes it worse is that number was our vets reaching out for help on a suicide hotline! 1.4 million!!!What is wrong in this country that we cannot seem to do right by those who laid it all on the line for America? I wish there was some way I could help these heroes and let them know there are true Americans that truly care about them.

Where the hell is Obama’s outrage on this problem? How about Hillary, we don’t see her speaking out today about this huge number of dropped calls. Dammit these vets are reaching out to a system designed to help that is such a cluster-fuck that they cannot get the help they need. and nobody appears to want the responsibility of making sure we get the help to our vets  without a bunch of drama. Sorry for my language here but I cannot believe this shit, and honestly there is no damn excuse for it. Anybody, justify it! You cannot plain and simple. I don’t want to know the number of those we lost due to this inept bullshit but as you can tell I am obviously pissed off and I want some damn answers.

To me there is nothing I have more respect for than those who put their lives on hold so they could  do their part to protect this great nation and her people.an the thanks they get is quite frequently they get shit on. I am sure many of you out there know what it is like to feel hopeless, we have all been there at some level. This has got to stop! The inept leadership from Obama has given rise to tragedies like this problem here. and while Obama has no problem lecturing the nation on all kinds of bullshit he has no problem allowing a number like this to exist!We as a nation have had enough of liberal leadership and inept policies that do nothing to make things better for the true heroes of this great nation. Signing off, but never tapping out!

God Bless America and God Bless our vets!


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