Why is Hillary controlling the narrative about her legal woes?

Hillary keeps telling people there is nothing to worry about concerning her private email scandal Why is she the only one doing the talking? It disgusts me that she is getting away with this. Because that’s how it looks to me.She is running a campaign to be president how is it she can do this spend the millions and still be facing a possible indictment?, How is it people are so willing to vote for such a crook? She is having her way and thumbing her nose at us day after day. I guess this why I hate the democrats because they stand for nothing but corruption. They say the wheels of justice turn slowly but I truly wish Hillary would get a perp walk soon. She knew what she was doing and we know she had tons of emails containing top secret information she was not cleared to have control of. Can we fry her already? everybody knows she is guilty and has yet to answer for the four dead Americans she failed to protect in Benghazi.Her own party knows she is guilty as well but they are more concerned with keeping power than doing what is right and demand she step down and withdraw all democrat support. The Democrat party has one choice but we know they don’t have the balls to do what is called for.



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  1. Look at her trustworthiness numbers, Basharr! They’re in the toilet. America knows they can’t trust her. Democrats still vote for her because they have no other options at this point. But wait until the general election…yes, there will be a lot of true conservatives sitting this one out (which they shouldn’t), but Trump is poised to pick up the independents and about 20% of Dems that don’t like Hillary. Be faithful old friend… it WILL happen!

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