Republicans willing to vote for Hillary to not vote Trump.

Don’t call yourself a republican if you would vote for Hillary to avoid voting for Trump. Seriously, I understand Trump does not appeal to everybody but he is riding the lightning right now and Hillary is going to lose plain and simple. Don’t vote for Trump if you don’t want to but don’t give that vote to a liar who has left dead Americans in Benghazi and wanted to cover up their deaths. She said the other night that the situation in Libya is regrettable but to be honest it is of her making and yet she is unwilling to take accountability. We don’t need another president who will not take accountability for their screw-ups and we surely cannot afford Hillary her history includes leaving Americans to die even after those Americans requested extra security which Hillary denied.Trump may not be your choice but America if it is to become great again has to get out from under the thumb of Liberal leadership because it is killing this nation.


Signing Off, but never tapping out.

God Bless America!


Blame the establishment, not Trump


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