Mitt Won’t reject GOP nod if drafted

Mitt, Holy Snikies are you deranged? seriously what kind of crap is this? We have a front runner right now and you know what, run back to your establishment buddies and let them know stay the hell out of our voting affairs. The people are speaking and making their anger known and yet here we are having the establishment again stuff their fat noses into our business, trying to undermine the voice of the American people.This election is about restoring America and hopefully doing away with Hillary Clinton once and for all. We owe that to the families of Hillary’s victims in Benghazi. So Mitt, you had your chance and you saddled us with the most inept president in history. The man was ripe for the picking and you failed. Yet here you are again wanting to interject yourself into a campaign which is about ridding ourselves of the very people  like you who have screwed this country over with their greed, and unwillingness to put Americans first. Man I am so sick and tired of these career politicians that are blind to their own catastrophic failings. This is like watching a bad movie over and over and somehow hoping for a different ending.Right now the establishment is completely missing what the conservative right in this country are so mad about. They are not just wearing blinders but appear to have glued them over their eyes.I get it they don’t like Trump so they decided to use Little Marco as a tool to topple Trump, but that is blowing up in their faces. So they unleashed Romney and all he did is piss off the conservative electorate. Read the sign, get the hint Romney’s day has come and gone so until the establishment finally gets the message we are going to see more of this crap from the establishment. I can promise you one thing, if the establishment continues to attack our front runner they  will either cost us the election or will drive away the independents as they are making the GOP look out of touch and somewhat like a gang of back-stabbers. Mitt better not get the nod.

Signing off but never tapping out.

God bless America.


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