Clinton: Instead of building walls we knock down barriers

Of course Hillary is not in favor of building a wall to secure our nation and our sovereign.  ground why is it that we can never get the left on board with what is a common sense  issue to one of the more worrisome problems this nation has? Porous borders We have the Department of homeland security and what does it do exactly besides alter documents and leave us with our asses blowing in the wind.Look there is a stand down order in effect not to arrest illegals but who says those people Obama does not want arrested do not intend to do great harm to this country and her people? This is just one possible scenario. I wrote last week about Obama wanting to basically finish off our jobs market by bringing millions and millions of Mexicans to America to become legal citizens. The clown prince in the white house does not express concern for you and I the common people, no he wants to give people who have no right to be here our slice of the American dream. Oh an don’t think I have forgotten about Hillary She would love nothing more than to be the one granting millions upon millions a right they do not have which would be becoming U. S. Citizens. Now I am all for knocking down barriers, but the barriers are the blockades in the brains of the liberal left that stop them from having the ability to exercise and use common sense.Obama has been mostly about breaking the backs of hard working Americans and Hillary wants to carry that specific torch forward.Is there anything worse than a person who as president swears an oath to uphold the Constitution of this nation and then spends almost eight years trying to destroy the most sacred document Americans have from our founding fathers. We are at a point where liberals have mortgaged our freedoms without consent of the adults in the room.

Signing off but never tapping out! God bless America.


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