Do you want to know what a total ass our president is?

President Obama wants to allow millions and millions of undocumented Mexicans to come here and become citizens when our job market is already in the tank. I get it he has a dream but his dream puts extreme strain on America and honestly if you want to keep the job you have you will help stop the Obama agenda which also means shutting down Hillary because she and Obama want to spend more cash we do not have, she has already detailed a trillion dollar spending bill. are these people blind to the state of our nation? The sad fact is Obama is not blind to the state of the nation but he refuses to be logical and at this point we cannot count on Obama to do what is right for we the people. You see, thats his job making sure we the people are served, his job is not about opening the flood gates to allow millions and millions of unaffordable immigrants to come in and drain the few jobs that remain away from Americans that need jobs.

You see here in America we have been dealt a bad hand because at some point the democrats decided stacking the deck was a good idea and I know this is true because we have a number of elected officials who do nothing but pander to Hispanics.immigration costs billions and billions and we are so broke we are borrowing money from China just to stay afloat but this tells us a lot about Obama and Hillary because she has vowed to move his agenda forward. My question is who is going to foot the bill?Are you willing to take a pay cut? How many Americans do you think there are willing to take a cut in pay or hand over a job that they count on to keep their families fed? By now I am sure most of you see the logic, it is all a numbers game and Obama and Hillary do not play the game using proven logic.They try to defy logic as do all liberals and that is why liberal leadership fails over and over. Nothing is better in America after the last eight years but they still feel you should trust them yet again. What kind oh an ass fails, and fails and fails and still thinks you are dumb enough to give them another chance? No, We The People Must come first!


Signing off but never tapping out! God Bless America.


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