Joe Biden joins forces with Mexico obviously against America

So Joe Biden decided he needed to extend Obama’s apology  from America tour as he felt the need to apologize for how we Americans feel about all the drugs, Thugs, and scum that comes illegally into the United States daily with not even a single apology ever coming from the corrupt Mexican Government.When I first started this blog My main stories where about Mexico and the harm done by illegals to Americans by these people who violate our laws every single day and a president that is complicit in this matter that brings death,rapes, and a myriad of other crimes. So I am no fan of the liberal left because the enable this and I find it insulting that Joe Biden can find it in his heart to apologize to Mexico but not to the families of those murdered, raped etc by illegals in this country. I wonder how quickly that apology if god forbid a member of Biden’s family became a victim of one of the Mexican gang-bangers that come here with little to no problem? You know what the truly crazy part is? Mexico really cracks down on people that enter Mexico illegally. So it is my hope that the Donald will issue an apology to the thousands and thousands of Mexicans here illegally with a simple “sorry but you got to go and don’t bother coming back because your next trip here will cost you five years in Prison. I am sick and tired of reading how illegals take American jobs, American lives, and act like leaches  feeding on an unwilling host while gaming the system it is disgusting and it makes it harder and harder for the American people to make ends meet. I remember when Arnold was the governor he was asked about California’s debt which was like 16 billion at the time he tried to say none of that debt was due to illegals. it was not but three months later he had a change of heart but by then it was too late the damage was done and there seemed to be less of a priority to address the problem. I cannot say it enough, the Liberal left have no concern for sovereign ground, nor for securing American safety so if Biden wants to hand out apologies how about starting with the apology for not upholding his oath and siding with Mexico who is quite happy stealing from the American people while our president does absolutely nothing about it, even when it costs American lives. Trump is the only one now willing to do something about it and his willingness to deal with it drives Biden and the administration to apologize because Trump is tired of seeing America Bent over by Mexico Hillary wants to keep things just like they are and screw America so in my mind this is a one horse show if we want to make America Great Again!


Signing off but Never tapping out. God Bless America.


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