Clinton: Trump traffics in prejudice and paranoia

Well Hillary is not in the same league as Mr. Trump and here is why, her comments What Hillary calls prejudice is Trump understanding there are real threats out there like terrorists that would truly love to make it in to America to carry out terrorist attacks.But then again Hillary is blind to this, you would think that after her bad calls in Benghazi that caused the deaths of four Americans she would understand it is not prejudice as much as we Americans understand we have to be careful and know and understand who we are dealing with. This leads us to her claim of paranoia Hillary obviously does not get it or or she would not be calling it paranoia, it is simply an understanding that America is under threat we have already been attacked numerous times  and luckily we have thwarted other attacks but for Hillary it is easier to disregard reality in order to take some shots at Trump, which is her true problem, she is more concerned with taking shots than addressing reality. This is also a reason she should never be elected president as she is the type of person who demonizes others who traffic in logic when she thinks she knows best Look at the trouble she is in right now she got there from not acting logical Benghazi, private email server,compromising national security Lying about it and to this day continues to lie and say she has done nothing wrong. We already have a president who has done great harm to this nation and refuses to take accountability for it. Remember Obama along with Hillary mocked the threat of ISIS, denied the threat of Muslim extremists. Between Obama and Hillary we have a president and a wannabe who still deny these threats even though people, Americans that have died at the hands of said terrorists.What are they going to deny next that once again costs American lives? I am not prejudice, not paranoid because I am well grounded in reality and I know there are plenty of people out there trying to do harm to America and her people.No Hillary cannot simply wave this off, her attack on trump is a sign she has learned nothing about the threats we face or she would not be so quick to wave them off. We cannot afford to elect a president that does not understand the depth and the associated danger that comes with her obvious lack of understanding and her unwillingness to learn from her past mistakes. Benghazi cost four American lives, her next mistake could cost four hundred,  four thousand, or more. Thats the point and she shrugs it off and uses it to attack others who understand what she fails to or refuses to grasp We need to secure our borders plain and simple while Hillary believes we need to open our borders wide. Sure great idea right? Hardly it costs us huge in jobs and opens the door from losing control of who and when we allow entrance into this nation. A nation without borders is not a nation for long. Don’t fall for her progressive BS it will do far, far more harm than good Hillary is dangerous and there is no getting around that fact.

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  1. Unlike her husband, who actually had some successes in politics, Hillary has never been successful at anything she’s tried. She failed as an attorney, she failed on the Watergate legal team, she failed as a healthcare czar, she failed as a first lady, she failed as a senator (I mean really…what DID she do besides fart in her seat?), she failed as a Secretary of State. Lots of experience, none of it good. Gee, I can’t see why we don’t just name her presidente for life with a record like that!

  2. I honestly don’t know why she is still around in the political scene she does nothing of worth and she cannot seem to do anything of worth that is legal. I posted a vid of a marine calling her out on her lies about benghazi and people were actually booing the Marine who has a right to be pissed.

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