Glen Beck compares trump supporters to Nazis

To be honest, Glen Beck can say what he wants because he has had a hard on for Trump for a long time. What pisses me off is he is acting like the liberal left attacking and labeling people because of a choice they made to support Donald Trump. If glen had his way we obviously would not have freedom of choice Seriously, Beck is nothing but a divider He  believes he is above us as he supports Ted Cruz who was under handed with Ben Carson and Rubio Cruz has proven to be an underhanded SOB. So go ahead Mr. Beck and hurl your insults and labels because we the people have rights, rights you obviously don’t agree with. This crap here is part of the reason I quit following what Beck said on the Blaze it began to seem he was always looking for attention one week he was going blind the next week it was a mystery disease and he cried more often than any woman I had ever known.

So if I must be compared to a Nazi then so be it but I will not allow some punk to bully me into changing my mind about who I support for President. I had thought he was a decent guy, but all snakes bite thank God he is only vile not poisonous. He should spend some time reading the good book and get right with the lord because has burned a bridge here nothing he says now carries any truth because he has compromised himself by turning on the very people who once believed his message and words were for the the betterment of the nation . Now I see Mr. Beck is no different than the hypocritical left.



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  1. I’ve known Glenn Beck personally for a while (both having been in radio, and Glenn used one of our personalities as his fill in host when he was away). He’s overall, a pretty nice guy, but I’ve always found him to be a bit maudlin and certainly over-dramatic at times. He does have a tendency to go overboard, and that leads to his program being very unpredictable. I think it’s because of that he is the way he is regarding politics. I don’t doubt his sincerity a bit, but again, he tends to step over the line from time to time. His comments about Trump supporters is a prime example of that. While America knows it’s not true, Beck wants to have the most conservative person out there sitting behind the Resolute Desk. That’s not always going to happen. Frankly, I’d MUCH rather have someone like Donald Trump sitting there than anyone the Democrats could dream of putting up. It’s that simple. Sorry Glenn…love ya buddy, but this time, you’re dead wrong.

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