A question for the anti Trump Establishment

So heres what I want to know lets say the establishment does succeed in derailing the Trump Machine and they get their way? Well I can see the future and I am sure most of you can as well If Trump is toppled nothing will get done on  illegal immigration , Employment will continue to suffer and the establishment will carry on business as usual.As a nation we have needs dare I say, Dire needs. We need our borders secured, we need sanctuary cities to be shut down and get straight with the law. The liberal element needs to be set straight in this nation we are a nation of laws and we need to count everybody to understand that and to live within those laws. We have gotten to where we are because too many politicians have decided their vision of how things should work is more important than the Constitution.The establishment has done little to nothing to get things back on track and here they are wanting to derail trump which means they are not interested in tightening up our laws and protecting We the people.As a nation many of us have suffered financially while elected officials have profited from what amounts to insider trading in the house. it is both right and left doing this  while we the people in many areas struggle just to make ends meet.I know if the establishment on right and left are not set strait we the people become the losers in our own country. The very people who keep these representatives employed. So as I see these establishment Cronies trying to undermine the American people by trying to take Trump out of the game I want to know what they are going to do besides sit on their fat asses while America fades into obscurity. You fat cats have had your chance in the last two elections and you saddled us with the most partisan president I have seen in my lifetime. So what next? Your grand plan if successful would end up with a felon in the White House. Signing off, but never tapping out.

God Bless America!



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  1. Actually, what worries me most about Trump IS Trump. By that I mean, if he doesn’t get the nomination (which I think he will get by the way) he could launch a third-party candidate. Even if he only siphons off 15 or 20% of the vote, the GOP loses the election and the country is toppled. Is that worth the risk? I’m not so sure!

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