Marco Rubio the puppet of the Establishment

You may not know this but at one point Rubio was on my short list of people I would consider voting for, now however he has earned Hillary status,not a chance in hell of getting my vote. When a man wants something so bad he is willing to prostitute himself to become a tool of the establishment who happens to be trying to derail Trump. The establish is openly trying take the choice we have chosen  Now I know Trump is going to have to fend off people and attacks, but for the establishment to be so high and mighty nearly eight years of liberal rule they should be damn glad nobody has strung them up(figuratively (speaking people are angry and people want an end to the good old boys politics if they cannot grasp the fact we know they dropped the ball and it cost us and America. So go ahead and fly the Rubio flag in an effort to turn on Trump, you bastards will become the masters of your own demise. The establishment has chosen to go against those of us seeking to make America great again because they think they can win against Trump. Sadly Rubio has forgotten his Tea Party roots he has jumped on board establishment backstabbing and now he has shown power is more important to him than honor. Look at the big picture here Tea-Party Rubio jumping in bed with big government Establishment Signing off But never Tapping out

God Bless America


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