I saw Bo Bo on TV Today

I knew immediately it was going to be some drawn out speech/Lecture, honestly I find it hard to stomach much of what this guy says, largely because he has been so divisive and unwilling to compromise in order to serve all of Americans not just those who vote for him.So Obama has announced he is closing Gitmo and then went on to lecture how he has reached this decision.Of course the usual suspects are against it McCain says it is   disgraceful I happen to agree because Obama appears to be dead set on putting Americans at risk which makes me wonder how this guy was elected twice? Americans, at least the ones I know do not like when government places them at risk. Look these guys currently housed at Gitmo will likely be placed in the prison system where the unavoidable will happen they will spread their hate as well as their philosophy to other inmates and will in fact become a recruiting tool for extremists . There is no way around this problem so let us hope congress does their job and then we still have the problem of an executive order. Right now in America I would say that the President  is a huge risk to America and her people because he wants to act on something that can be worse than leaving Gitmo open. But like a spoiled child he continues to whine and stomp his feet until he gets what he wants even if what he wants will put Americans in danger. The man is irresponsible, plain and simple, but thank the people who voted for him for saddling us with such a pompous ass

Signing off, but never tapping out

God Bless America


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