Mayor wants to open supervised injection facility for heroin in NY city

So this is how the liberal mind tackles drug addiction, namely Heroin look drugs are illegal but here we are a liberal thinks it is more important that these addicts have a safe place to shoot up. How about placing them in mandatory rehab programs? Start the process of weening them off of these deadly drugs and lets not forget the crime statistics surrounding those who use these drugs that often rely on crime as a way of obtaining their fix. I am sorry I am not sympathetic and I don’t believe providing them with a place to do these drugs legally does anything to bring this epidemic to an end. But I am sure liberals are riding high right now thinking they have addressed  a bad problem and found a way to solve it. Leave it to Deblasio to get nothing done but still expect kudos for his You know if people want to kill themselves why should the city be so eager to pick up the bill?ignorance.Liberals once again believing in a nanny state.

Signing off but never tapping out.

God Bless America!



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  1. You just hit the nail on the head again. Liberals big downfall is that EVERYTHING is ok…we just have to figure out a safe way for you to do it. Want to rape your neighbor’s kid because you’re into man/boy love? No problem! We can do it, but first we have to figure out a way to do it safely. Want to shoot up? ok…but again, how do we do it safely for you. Oh, and let’s throw a TON of taxpayer dollars at the problem. That of course, is the first solution to EVERYTHING!

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