Hillary says she will go anywhere to meet with anyone at any time to find common ground

Yet she will not go on Fox News, she has snubbed fox and I find it somewhat suspect she wants to be president yet appears to be afraid of the power of Fox News? I do think I get it, she can go on most news shows and get soft-balled. However on Fox News she is going to be asked point blank about a myriad of scandals and as well be questioned as to how she justifies running for president when she knows she has serious legal woes. Many people may not like Fox News but they are not really known  for weak questioning. No I think Hillary is scared and to me that suggests she is not cut out for the job she is seeking. But then again we all know that. I do wish I could see her under the gun from Fox because I bet her lie meter would have a damn stroke! Well the reality would probably be more and more lies with each question asked. But we now know for sure she is afraid of Fox News. Signing off but never tapping out. God bless America



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  1. You know Basharr, you’re right about not going to Fox News. I bet she also won’t come to Arizona! She’d have more people wagging fingers in her face than Barack Obama, especially now since Jan Brewer is just a normal citizen!

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