Our Founding Fathers Vision for America

The liberals have it all wrong, America was never meant to be a socialist country but if you watch how the liberals govern You can see blatant actions that stink of socialism and they are unrepentant for twisting the Founding fathers vision for America into some bastardized version of insanity. Look at the left they honestly believe their system is working yet America is not thriving, in fact they are destroying what has been the beacon  of freedom. America is broken because  liberals cannot govern plain and simple.Why is social security so screwed up, because a liberal president took what was supposed to be a locked box and unlocked it so Congress could borrow from it but had that proverbial box remained locked it would not be filled with IOU’s today that will never be paid back. Social security aside, this impostor pretending to be president has doubled down on the spending and so much of that money, he will look you in the eye and say things look good thanks to him. Yes thanks to him, can you believe it? Folks America has always been about freedom bot if you take the time to pay attention you will see freedom is being buried in favor of political correctness. A nation that prides itself on having freedom of speech should not ever have a need to ban a single word. Yet the liberals want to ban all kinds words so that we as a nation would then cater to those that find free speech offensive. The liberal left has no problem with this but I do because that is not what America is about.The democrats are eroding America, they will tell you it is evolving but thats a lie, it is eroding our freedoms are being challenged each and every day, look at Obama and his near constant push to strip us of our second amendment rights this election cycle is our chance to wrest control away from the left They have proven one thing and made it blatantly clear, and that is the plain and simple fact they are incapable of leading this nation in a manner that does not divide the people of this nation. Hillary Clinton will only make life for Americans worse because her idea of leadership is a blank slate she has no plan other than to further the Obama agenda. If she is allowed to attain the White House, this nation will pay the price, we cannot afford another term made up of Obama politics.We must save America from a political party that would strip us of our rights.




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  1. There is a very solid reason liberals define the constitution as “a living, breathing document”. It’s because they don’t like it and need to have it re-interpreted to fit their idea of what government should look like. Just look at the progressive movement and their attempt to get rid of the judiciary altogether, and minimize the role of congress as “advisors” to the president who is all-powerful. That should say it all!

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