Loving life and being thankful for every day

While I was sleeping last night my wife noticed that I was not sleeping under the blankets which for me is not normal Then she also noticed right before her eyes my hair usually grey began to start a turn towards a darker color. upon investigation she found the darker color was sweat and on closer investigation she found I had sweated through all three of my pillows. I am a diabetic and last night when I awoke, my bedroom was full of paramedics My sugar had crashed They asked me where I was I could not tell them they asked if I knew my name and I replied Blow Me. after taking a reading they found my blood sugar to be 25 which is almost deadly low. You see that quick and my children would have been fatherless, my wife a widow I am thankful my wife understands when things have gone south and does not hesitate to do the best possible things she can. This is the second time it has happened but this time was far worse and I truly thought I had been called home. Today I am thankful to still be here writing to anybody who will read this.Today I  have another day period.Sometimes as the days blow by we may not even think to be thankful or to have been part of another wonderful day passing. God bless you all and God bless America, enjoy life, family and the hope tomorrow brings. Signing off but never tapping out.


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