I have to say in this instance I am on Trumps side I have true and great respect for the pope but he is just a man and being a man no matter how holy he is subject to flaws like all of us. For centuries human beings have built walls often in an effort to protect themselves from one threat or another.The Pope can speak on what he believes is Christian but the Vatican  is not being over run with illegals, Drugs,violent people and lots of other problems. For instance Illegal immigrants cost our country millions annually if not billions.They take away American jobs thus having an effect on the quality of life of many Americans. We have a real threat in this country and it is in part the weight of so many undocumented aliens on our economy.The rivers of drugs that flow across our borders also contribute to high crime statistics in America. The pope does not have within his power to fix these problems  so I must take what he says with a grain of salt. I do wonder at the words when he well knows the problems we Americans face from the drug cartels that in all honesty appear unstoppable.Are we not supposed to secure our sovereign ground?Are we to have wide open borders so terrorists can pick us off like flies? Honestly I will bear his unchristian label if I must because my country and my family are more important to me than what the pope has to say about problems he does not face on a daily basis. Would the pope have us placed in danger to be Christian in his eyes? I believe my Christianity is a matter between God and I. Maybe he could discuss Christianity with some of the illegals, gang members and others who come here and do great harm to Americans just living their lives .

Signing off but never tapping out.

God Bless America.



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