Where is Black Lives Matter leader on denouncing attack on decorated Marine Veteran

There will likely be no statement from Obama because he has turned a blind eye to the bull shit known as black lives matter, but just to set the record straight ALL LIVES MATTER! and to be honest it pisses me off that a veteran Marine was brutally beaten and robbed by a group of teenagers who asked him if he believed Black lives matter? Like I said all lives matter but when I read a veteran has been beaten by a black mob it makes me want to deliver to them some old fashioned justice. Of course it is the mob mentality and the total disregard for another human beings well being. It just eats at me a man who laid his life on the line in the name of freedom has to catch a beat down from a bunch of punks with nothing better to do than Beat and rob a veteran doing nothing more than having dinner at McDonalds. Of course there will be no apologies I am sure Obama will not get into the fray because lets face it, He won’t assign importance to it like he would to something Sharpton-worthy. I get it.


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