My sit down with the Donald

Of course I actually did not have a “sit down” with The Donald. As I stated yesterday at this point he has my vote but the vote is also his to lose should he choose. Where I come from a mans word is his bond plain and simple, no ifs, ands ,or buts. Seriously a broken word is a sign of something less than a man. So I read today that in heated argument Cruz and Trump are at each others throats Trump wants what he calls lies by Cruz retracted and if the RNC does not step in his loyalty pledge is null and void. The Donald made  a promise and if he goes back on it now because he is not getting his way he is likely to find that many voters who have chosen to support Trump may begin to feel their trust was misplaced. I only have one vote in this game and I would not like to see it go to waste. So in this non sit down I want Trump to understand Thousands upon thousands of people have placed trust in him to get the job done. Not go third party and screw us over giving Hillary a free ride to the White House. So Donald , Buddy I love these sit downs and you know I mean that but man you really need to suck it up and understand this is politics people are going to lie about you because they want to beat you down plain and simple. We have talked about this and it is just another step in the game. You knew going in this was going to be hell and you were going to have  big giant bulls-eye painted on your back.So stop all this talk of suits and get ready for some bare knuckled brawling It only gets tougher and tougher nothing of worth comes easy and politics is about the last man standing nothing else counts we do not sit around waiting to nurse bruised and battered feelings. It is a race for the white house and Hillary has done enough whining for the two of you so get it together because you gave the people your word and in return you get to count their votes which are really hopes and dreams that America can be righted and Americans can again seek the American dream Shake it off and get back in there and fight like there is no tomorrow! We are counting on you.


Signing off, but never tapping Out.


God Bless America.


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