New batch of Clinton emails released, 81 now marked ‘classified’

So we see more and more with every release how many times Hillary Clinton has violated federal law. and yet no democrats have asked her to step aside She now has multiple felonies under her belt and she keeps right on going after the presidency. Never before have we had a known felon trying to become president. Where are the democrats? The ones that still believe nobody is above the law? Not even the president of the United states of America is willing to call her out on this blatant play for power and the reality is likely our President is in full support of her because from the moment he took office the only Americans that mattered to him are the ones that vote for democrats. Those of us who want a better, stronger America don’t matter to the President. He is concerned with two things Keeping the Democrats in control and taxing us as much as possible so he can continue his massive spending. Other than that  we can count on him to do his best to assault the SCOTUS by nominating some extremist who will do his bidding long after Obama is out of office. Look Hillary is running for President this goes against all reason,yet she is running  when she should be facing a likely indictment so is the game rigged? are we all being played? is our President on the take? is He as lawless as Clinton is he truly willing to crap on the constitution? The man swore an oath to this nation and day by day he has done nothing but divide us at every chance. Look just the fact nobody on the left is trying to stop Hillary shows us all the constitution means nothing to them and our founding fathers are screaming out in their graves.You know Democrats don’t want to discuss Benghazi but brave Americans were sent there and then left to die. This needs to be talked about because America does not leave our people behind.Look Americans need to put a stop to the lawlessness of the left. Hillary can be stopped at the ballot box and it would be seen as the rising of American values. Remember those, Values that say we will not accept corruption, we will no longer accept the lies and promises of liars.we want back the country that was proud where our presidents did not make a career of dividing the people. Nor did they sit back and do little to nothing in the face of danger History will not look kindly on President Obama nor will it be sympathetic to Hillary Clinton. However the here and now demands that We The People secure our nation because our President is poised to flush our justice system down the drain to protect a woman who is at the root of more scandals than can be counted. and as stated earlier is a felon and should have been indicted by now. So why hasn’t Hillary been placed on the shelf? She cannot be president unless Obama pardons her.  So with 81 more smoking guns when is Obama going to deliver justice and demand Hillary halt her campaign? My guess is the fix is in.

Signing off, but never tapping out.

God Bless America



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  1. Always a treat to hear you! You’re always right on the money!

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