Check out this link from the Daley Gator


The link listed above offers a scenario that is sure to play out this election cycle.Hillary Clinton is without a doubt guilty of Felony Charges It is likely the democrats will overlook her charges because they like Hillary thirst for control of the White house.Being honest, so does the GOP but they are not running a candidate who is guilty of felony charges. the dilemma is should we the people  allow this travesty to unfold and risk that a felon becoming president? People this is like taking a huge crap on everything the founding Fathers of this great nation did to assure us our rights and so much more. President could Pardon her but that still means she broke the law and lied about it for months. How do we trust a political party who would stand by and allow justice to be derailed? Or worse place a Felon at the head of this nation. She broke the law, knew she was doing it and still thinks she is qualified to be president. She is not nor should any of you be fooled this situation is not kosher and goes against everything good and true about the laws of this country She owes all a debt because she has compromised the security of this nation. A vote cast for Hillary is a vote wasted on an unrepentant Crook The face she is still running for president is proof my words are true .

You have the chance in this election to deny Hillary and those that would support a felon because though they swore an oath to uphold the laws of this country they are still willing to see that Hillary pays no price. in this country nobody is above the law but right now the Democrats are trying to put a felon in the White House if that happens this nation is lost as it would send a message to the world that the United States no longer cares about JUSTICE! Hillary should be asked to step aside for the good of the country But the Democrats are unwilling to demand what is right and just, They have lost their soul.


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