The establishment needs to get with America Because we the people have priorities

We cannot have the establishment poisoning our candidate pool The GOP is supposed to Want to see the Democrats lose the election. yet here they sit attacking the candidates that are the front runners. The national review went to great lengths to attack Trump and honestly I have to be honest they are looking more like elitists believing they decide who We The People  want in the white House Have they forgotten they ran their candidate last time and it put Obama in the White House for another four years. I am tired of this GOP that cannot seem to recognize their mistakes and learn from them. How about the National Review go Fuc* themselves? Our priority is to beat the crap out of who ever the Democrats decide they think can be President and all the National review people want to do is tear down the candidates making the most ground. This is an election cycle different than most because we are seeing record turn out  so far at the primaries and it is because people are pissed the hell off. Obama sucks and Liberals are going to find they face a hard road in the coming election because Hillary is running out of gas because she has more than just serious legal woes on her plate and I could be wrong but I doubt that a man running as a socialist is going to be elected after a man named Obama has already played the socialist game here.We look right now like a nation run by a socialist. America is Broke, in deep debt truly on the rocks while Obama finds more and more ways to tax We the people. Yesterday he said the cheaper gasoline prices signaled yet another opportunity to raise taxes. We need someone, an outsider willing to work to fix this nation someone willing to make us whole again not someone dead set on dividing us. We need a true leader, not some old woman who cannot tell us the truth We need leadership that makes We the people the priority, and nothing short of that is acceptable. Thanks for reading and putting up with my opinions Signing off, But never Tapping out!

God Bless America.


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