Discussions with Intelligence Community officials have revealed that Ms. Clinton’s “unclassified” emails included Holy Grail items of American espionage.

The long and the short of it people is Hillary Clinton Put the lives of the people  we count on to stay ahead of the game at risk. She undermined security, she left Americans to die she said the families of our fallen were lying. She has done what no American patriot would ever do she has insulted the families who have lost their loved ones to war. I believe she should be labeled a traitor,Unfit for any office in Government without even mentioning the White House. Her political career should be over today this minute as in right now. She has lied for months on end knowing full well what she had done and the fact she is still running for president shows us just how desperate the Democrats truly are. Who knowingly leaves Americans to die and then believes they should be President? Nothing about this woman indicates an ability to lead in fact she has been quite divisive. but nothing can undo the damage of calling the families of soldiers that lost their lives thanks to her “LIARS” I know I harp on this but Americans deserve better than Clinton and her lie to the nation husband. Now Joe Biden sensing Hillary may be on the rocks is pondering a run for VP.His way I am sure for the Obama legacy to remain in power. However Biden was also divisive when he said the GOP was gonna put blacks back in chains. Maybe the Democrats don’t get it? Americans are mad and they are sick and tired of leadership that day in and day out craps all over our rights. We need to go back to being America again and wave farewell to liberal politics where the only people thriving are the elitists carrying the liberal moniker. They have brought this country to the brink of death and if given the chance they will finish the job without batting an eye.

Signing off, but never tapping out! God Bless America



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  1. Sickening stuff. Loose ends of whether assests were endangered, and whether intel was sold, brokered, passed along, leaked, traded. Vile subject whe considering the security of our nation and the damage possible, all for greed and self-serving of ego.
    The non-asset sersonnel staff that was rotated out prior to NH, needs to be reached by the FBI and hopefully flipped. Why? When investigating a fortified target of any investigation, do not look at the target. They are a concrete wall. Instead, FIND JUDAS.

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