The Constitution was designed to limit the power of government not the power of We the people

It seems that Americans, not all but too many look to government to do for them instead of doing for themselves. You can blame this problem on politicians that promise the world which is not theirs to give.  in fact many of these politicians are the root cause of hard times here in the Land of the Free. We have in this country a number of politicians that believe keeping people in poverty on the government dole also keeps these politicians in office because the people believe they are beholden to the politicians. It is a vicious circle that can only be broken when Americans are given the incentive to work. This means there must be jobs which our current president seems to have done all he can to destroy jobs in America. Seeking employment is something that every American should be doing but so many Americans choose to take free money in exchange for votes. As stated in the title of this post “The Constitution was designed to limit the power of government not the people. but the reality is the free money has lead to people surrendering their power and putting it back in the hands of Government where it turns into exploitation. The government overreaches constantly they don’t care if you don’t want to stand up for your rights. and by the way the “Free Money” is not free and the reality is somehow, somewhere somebody has to pay for that free money. Our nation is broke thats the plain hard fact of the matter and largely we can thank the democrats for that as they are the well known for overseeing the welfare plantations that truly should not exist in this country. the promise of money for votes needs to end but it will not end until people understand their obligations to make their own way in life. People need to quit handing their power back to the Government and take a stand and demand the ability to again work for a living. the government dole only makes one dependent and in a way siphons away the very freedoms that make America great. You are a product of what you make out of life, don’t squander it. Thats what the liberals want because they are more than happy to tell you what to do and who to vote for.



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