There was a time when when people did the right thing for the good of the country

Nixon did not resign because he wanted to, But he did resign and it could not have been an easy thing for him to do. His resignation showed that whatever his flaws were he still maintained the ability to do what was needed of him for the good of the country and I stress it was not what he wanted but it is what was needed for the country. Fast forward to Bill Clinton, he would not resign his presidency he chose to lie to all of us under oath and smile while he did it. He would not do what would have been best for the country he was in fact unwilling to consider doing the right thing for the good of the country. Fast forward again as now another Clinton is in a position where they might be indicted and what is Hillary doing? Why she is running a campaign in an attempt to become President of this nation. The woman lied again and again under oath  and what are the democrats doing? Why they are propping up Hillary hoping she can get elected. Screw the fact she id guilty of a myriad crimes. My sticking point though is still the dead Americans that the democrats do not want to discuss. and that Hillary denied the extra security they asked for and she denied and then tried to cover up blaming the deaths on a non existent video. When will America say enough to Clinton politics? The Clinton’s have never been able or willing to do what is right and for the good of the country. And sadly this President that is currently in office is so partisan that he will not even consider what is actually best and for the good of the country. Obama will do what he thinks will keep the democrats in control which means jobs take a hit, banks take a hit and the country takes a hit. The time has come to elect people who will again put the country first, who will serve as patriots not as power hungry freaks that by the laws of this nation should be in prison. Lynch is a fraud if she will not execute the laws of this nation faithfully as she swore an oath to do. Hillary should Be put through the legal system if justice still matters in this country.Hillary should not be running for an office she can never occupy. Sadly Hillary shows us she is unwilling to do what is best and good for the country.

Signing off,But Never tapping out. God bless America


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