Rep. Darrell Issa Is Stressing The Fact That The FBI Will Have No Choice But To Recommend Indictment For Hillary Clinton

The FBI can present the case for a prosecution, which would end up before a federal grand jury, in hope of a True Bill for indictment, but, there is nothing mandating that the USDOJ/Lynch, must prosecute. If, a prosecution is made, it could possibly be only a feeble mock. Then, if, a jury verdict is reached that is somewhat less than desirable for Hillary, Et Ano, a judge in the pocket, could throw out the jury verdict or, declare a mistrial, or declare the case moot, somewhere along the line. Nobody will revolt. There would be no revolution in the streets. Hillary would simply escape, once more in her lifetime. Afterall, there was no public outcry in Oregon to find which rifle fired the bullet into LaVoy, nor to whom the rifle’s serial number was assigned to, and, in Hillary’s case, Travelgate, and, Vincent Foster. Complacency. The American people are too busy with a sweet teat, rather than screaming out for Justice. Laws are perverted for the elite, and Hillary, remains, above the Law.

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  1. Actually, I think if the FBI comes out with a referral for indictment, the damage to Hillary Clinton will already be done. There won’t need to be a trial or an actual indictment from Loretta Lynch. The court of public opinion will ruin her chances at either the nomination or the White House in the general election depending when the referral comes out (I’ve heard it’ll be before the convention). A non-indictment from the DOJ just hurts Obama’s legacy, as it did Ford’s when he pardoned Nixon. Actually, I see a pardon from Obama as the more likely resolve to this situation. Either way, Hillary’s political career will be toast.

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