Perhaps why Hillary is so dismissive about FBI Probe

Perhaps I have too much time on my hands, but I have a plausible theory as to why Hillary is so dismissive concerning the FBI probe. Could it be that she is not sure what Obama is going to do as to the possibility of her being indicted maybe she is dismissive because she knows she loses supporters  with every revelation regarding the email scandal. Maybe Obama does not have the guts to cut her a free ride or maybe he does and wants to see if she is viable or would the free ride destroy his legacy? One thing we do know for sure is she is likely living in fear knowing He can change everything  about the life she lives now My guess is she is hoping for the white house to send her a life line and if her numbers start to tank worse she may get a nice new jump suit.



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  1. She feels secure because she probably has something on him!

  2. Once again, a very aptly thought out piece! I would agree that she’s worried privately, and that she wants to portray calm and self-assurance publicly. And I echo your sentiments that Obama really holds the fate in her hands. He’s in a tougher position than she is because you are right; it’s his legacy in the balance. If he pardons her or doesn’t indict her, he becomes another Gerald Ford. If he indicts her, he preserves he own legacy as being “above politics”, which is a laugh, but could send her to jail, and most certainly tanks her presidency. He needs to do the right thing, but as we’ve learned with this president, needing to do the right thing and actually doing it are distant strangers.

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