Nancy Pelosi invokes ‘the prophet Muhammad’ at National Prayer Breakfast

Okay maybe its just me but wouldn’t the fact that Pelosi is an ardent supporter of abortion cause  a bit of a stumbling block for Pelosi? she’s invoking the prophet Muhammad this makes no sense and one must wonder  just how twisted is she really? For a long time she has been the poster child as to why exactly we need term limits for congress and the senate. Not only does she support abortion she is also on board with the gay marriage agenda. The old bat seems clueless and if  you have ever heard her speak you would know immediately she is not all there. She is not the mouthpiece this country needs when it comes to religion in America. What next a striptease for the pope?



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  1. I agree with your thought process.

  2. Nancy Pelosi lost it several years ago and has become inconsequential as far as what she says or does. You are, as usual…right one the money!

  3. Thanks and as I have come to believe Old Nancy lost the farm years ago, =) she is far past “Out there”

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