Hillary still pushing the vast right wing conspiracy.

I too believe there is a vast conspiracy playing out in our nation It is a conspiracy where Hillary Clinton has left Americans to die at the hands of militants in Benghazi. but that is not the whole of it, no we have seen what amounts to be a vast left wing conspiracy unfolding over what will be the last eight years. Eric Holder, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton President Obama Nancy Pelosi Illegal immigration Harry Reid I have named a few of the worst players. Look Hillary now openly claims she is 100% sure nothing will come from the FBI investigation Eric Holder was given a pass by Obama for his failings in the Fast & Furious scandal Bill Clinton almost immediately has Orgy Island swept away Harry Reid cost Mitt Romney a presidential election by lying and telling the public Romney had not paid taxes. Look at Hillary still running a presidential campaign when she should be being fitted for an orange jumpsuit. Remember how we had Obamacare forced upon us in part because Harry Reid changed the voting rules in congress? Remember how we were told by Nancy Pelosi we had to pass Obamacare before we could see what was in the bill?  Obama has this way of giving all his liberal pals a pass while the true patriots and believers in the greatness of America continue to get screwed at every turn. Yes I am on a rant today and it is well deserved. First thing I read today is Hillary bragging about  how she is going to skate away from what should be a prison term. I know I am beating a dead horse here because I know the people who read my blog that I consider friends are just as damn tired of this crap as I am. With Obama in the white house the liberals have driven this nation directly through the gates of the poor house and think its just GD-Fine.

Yes Hillary there is a flippin conspiracy but let me set you straight, it is a product of the left and their willingness to destroy all that was once good and true in this nation. Why the hell is it every time one of the people I have listed here screws up, it costs American lives and nobody ever answers for such a tragic loss as that of an American life. Hillary killed four people in Benghazi, maybe not directly but it was her inaction that lead to the deaths of four American patriots. Yet here she is bemoaning the so called vast right wing conspiracy. You see to here and the majority of hard core liberals holding someone accountable for their misdeeds is a conspiracy. How many lies has Hillary told about Benghazi? How many lies has Hillary told about her email scandal? How does one person have such a long list of scandals and still have people willing to vote for her? I really don’t need an answer to that question and in fact the answer just pisses me off worse because these people hell bent on destroying our nation cover each others backs without a second thought. They are corrupt, know it and appear to be proud of it. Well thats my rant folks and three cups of coffee Time to sign off but never tapping out! God Bless America!


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  1. Reblogged this on Rifleman III Journal and commented:
    The spin. Loretta Lynch (only White people), refusing to prosecute. BHO gives Hillary the fuel to feed the never ending treasonous audacity, but, “at this point, what difference does it make?”

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