Today I took Arlin’s Lead and Contacted the Trump Campaign

donald TrumpI majored in political science  until I took the next likely step and chose a new direction Corrections and Criminal science I figured when you look at the grand picture it is at its base all politics. So I bloviated to Donald Trump today about Arlin’s suggestion that the Donald warm his knuckles knocking on a few doors, assuring the people he not only wanted their vote but that he was willing to earn it. I was disappointed to read the news and Trump is talking about suing. That is not what I want to hear, it is something I expect from from a liberal to be honest. So as I stated I wrote to the Donald’s campaign We the people need a dignified leader who is a true patriot, not another Obama or another Clinton and honestly if thin skin is all Donald has we may not need him either and thats just being honest. What I am working up to is the idea that we cannot have a candidate that is prone to hissy-fits and the somebody done me wrong attitude. We cannot afford anything but the best because the current president has destroyed the reputation of this nation he has made us look like fools for electing such a weak man to the most powerful position in the world. Trump may know how to cut the deals but he also needs to understand we need solid leadership and and a level head at the helm of this nation. We are all but assured that our next president will be a war time president because the current leadership has largely found more comfort sitting on their hands. The reality the next president also faces is we are also a broke and broken nation. We cannot afford a socialist in the white house or another Liberal I am sorry folks but liberal rule has this country on its knees and this electin may truly be a do or die situation for this country. So in my writing to trump I outlined much of what I have written here. I don’t expect to hear from him but I wrote in hopes of clearing my mind and letting him know how important this coming election truly is for this nation. Signing off, but never tapping out. God bless America.


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  1. Wow! You leave lots to think about. Truly, I’ve been waffling on The Donald for a couple of weeks now. I thought maybe a month ago, he was the guy. But the more I listen to him whine, the more I agree with you. While I think he’s got the balls Obama lacks to do the right thing, I also think he’s too used to getting his own way. Anyone that owns the catch-phrase “Your fired”, probably isn’t going to be a great leader in my eyes.

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