Behold the Hillary Rodham Clinton Childrens book.

I know you are probably doing a double-take when looking at the title of this post. However it is true, Hillary has put out a children,s boom titled “Some Girls Were Born to Lead.” She is far removed from using the title of “Girl” however I have some ideas on a title touch-up How about some liars are born to be indicted? or How  about Lying 101 a guide on how to avoid accountability? Look Hillary Clinton is the last person who should be writing children s’ books and honestly I would not want my child reading anything she claims to have written. I guess in her twisted mind she feels she is some beloved public figure when the reality is most people who maintain a stitch of sanity know her for what she truly is, a lying conniving politician who is only concerned in obtaining power. She and her husband are disgusting people who lie and cheat with every chance they get. How about this, Hillary should write a book about how she left four Americans to die in Benghazi and then tried to lie about how those brave Americans wound up dead?  This woman disgusts me and it pisses me the hell off that she continues on in life on a quest for power and probably never gives a thought about the lives she had a hand in cutting short. Hillary needs to lose this election as no more Americans should ever die because of her decisions. The sooner she is out of the running for president the sooner “We the People” can get back to work rebuilding this nation and its reputation. We must wash out hands of the Obamas, Clintons and the myriads of liberals  who want a weak America.

We need patriots and not bed time stories from an over the hill lying battleaxe who by law should have been indicted by now and spending her days paying for her lies that she has yet to stop telling. I am signing off but rest assured just getting started for the day. GOD BLESS AMERICA and protect her from the likes of Hillary Clinton!


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