Obama and his inability to serve justice.

You know Obama should truly be angry with Hillary and how she chose to do her secretary of state gig in true Clinton fashion loading it up with death, scandal and lies and let us not forget her total and utter incompetence. She has made Obama look like a fool in the eyes of the entire world for placing his trust in her. and yet he is so interested in trying to keep a liberal in the White House he seems willing to give Hillary a pass, even after months and months of lie after lie he seems unwilling to serve justice upon her. She continues her campaign as if she has done nothing wrong Well maybe to Obama she did nothing wrong as Obama has a bit of a history giving his pals a pass even when they have made him look like a complete idiot in the eyes of the world. If I had done the things Hillary has done I know for a fact I would be facing charges and the same goes for any of us. Obama  has a habit of kicking justice to the curb and in doing so he sets a standard that makes him  look corrupt he has to know how this looks to America and this is also part of why the Democrats feel they can say and do whatever they want. He allowed conservatives to be targeted by the IRS and feigned outrage over it but Lois Learner never paid a price or showed a stitch of remorse. There is talk now that if Hillary wins in a campaign that should have been ended due to her crimes. She will appoint Obama to the SCOTUS if that happens justice in this nation will be lost. Honestly Obama was the worst thing that could have happened to this nation because he did as much as he said he would do and that was fundamentally transform America. He has harmed this nation and our standing in the world. We are no longer respected in the world and mostly because Obama has failed us at almost every single turn. He does not commit to whats right and true he instead picks and chooses who wins and loses right and wrong be damned Hillary knew all along she was doing wrong and breaking the law yet she continued on as if national security meant nothing. Mark my words she will not pay for that because of any action Obama takes. If and when she pays it will be at the ballot box and even there I would not be surprised to find there are enough liberals out there  that would push her forward no matter how badly she had compromised this nation.


Signing off, but never tapping out! God Bless America!


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