Beginning to doubt

You know even though Hillary has been stating for years about the vast right wing conspiracy that is supposedly trying to bring her down I feel she has done herself the most harm possible over the years. She gets the gig of Secretary of state and instead of doing her job she does what she wants protocols be damned. And this has always been the Hillary way it does not matter to her if lives are lost as in Benghazi She denied extra security on numerous occasions without ever batting an eye. Hillary believes herself to be un-flawed and on top of the game. when the reality is she is so out of touch It boggles the mind that she continues this campaign knowing she is open to indictment which I will discuss  momentarily. Before we speak of indictment I want to ask you folks, have you had enough  of the Hillary Clinton blame game? She has been caught red handed and the question I am seeing in the community is will she be indicted while on campaign? I certainly hope so, she is guilty of accessing and undermining National Security, I believe lying under oath and I am sure she could be in enough trouble to keep her out of the White House. However having stated that I am beginning to doubt Our president will uphold the laws of this nation and he may place her above the law which would send a message that the occupier in the White House is impotent when it comes to Justice and the laws of this nation. He has no regard for justice and he should be ashamed of his inability to assure the Citizens of this great nation that no one person is bigger than the laws of The United States of America You see he quite recently called Bernie sanders a big shiny object in a dismissive manner while defending Hillary. I believe this is what we would call in a poker game as a TELL, why is he defending Hillary if he is going to allow her to be indicted? No folks I believe we are going to see Hillary skate away and all I can say is isn’t this what we expected it is about politics and Obama trying to assure at least another 4 years of of liberal reign. I won’t call it leadership as reign is more like it. We need to take our country back for if we do not the greatest nation ever will fade into a former shadow of greatness becoming only a memory of its former self. Laws mean nothing if those in charge refuse to enforce them!


Signing off but never tapping out  God Bless America!



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  1. To answer your question, I had enough of Hillary’s blame game back in 1992. Today, it’s just blather. The woman couldn’t tell the truth if it bit her on the ass.

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