Oscars under fire for lack of diversity

Go, don’t go I could care less you are all just overpaid agents of political correctness. What do you want an Oscar that attests to your skills  and talent or a meaningless participation trophy. I never watch the Oscars because  most of Hollywood is full of hypocrites. People that actually believe the nation should indulge in political correctness instead living a meaningful life, working hard, and understanding life is the only thing handed to you and what you make of it is how you will be measured. You whine now and that is exactly my point. you want more diversity, well at least thats what you say. However you seem to be of the mind set that Blacks are the only ones not getting the nod. But ask yourselves what is acting and honing your trade if  you cannot accept the reality that in life not everybody wins. I wouldn’t have it any other way. Go ahead play your hand, stay home at this point you all look like a bunch of whining pukes who have lost sight of why you decided to act in the first place. You dopes are taking the cowards way out.

Signing off, but never tapping out. God Bless America.



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  1. It’s never been said any better, Brother!

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