E-mails reveal Clinton aides pushed back against using government email account

So Clinton is at the time secretary of state and her aides are calling the shots? Really? Is this not another Clinton blame game or is this Uma trying to be Hillary’s savior? I find it hard to believe the power hungry Clinton would let her aides make choices that would put her under the gun. However it would be just like Hillary to be drunk on power thinking she can do whatever she wants.Whatever the case we now know that lives are likely at risk, the very lives of people who put themselves on the line in order to collect information. If Hillary is not indicted we know for sure a disservice is being done to those that gather information or worse what exactly is she doing with such sensitive information. Was she going to sell it? was it for boasting purposes? Or was it simply because she cannot be trusted and is the type that would visit your home ask to use the restroom and then clean out your medicine cabinet? No matter why we know she must never become president. She is a snake and a twisted individual.

So now we are playing a waiting game to see what dangers if any she has unleashed and will we know when things go south? If she is president at that point in time you all must know she will bury it deeper than Jimmy Hoffa. I have seen good Americans die because of her ignorance and willingness to break the rules. We have seen enough of lawless administrations over the years but why is it we are left to wonder if Hillary will answer for her crimes?

Signing off but never tapping out

God Bless America


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