And the squirming begins

Hillary has begun to squirm and she is blaming  her free form squirm session on the GOP. Apparently she blames the GOP for coordinating a leak of the information that in any other world would spell the end of her political career. I don’t have much to say to Hillary besides “You lying puke you get exactly what you deserve.” She brought this on herself and lied to the country for months and months. Everybody knew she was lying GOP, DEMOCRATS, EVERY BODY! and now she wants to cry foul Hillary you got nothing to cry about and I hope you end up in prison. Let us hope this is the beginning of the end of Clinton politics she has no place in running for president now because the gig is up the entire nation knows you are a proven liar. Even when the lies have been revealed she continues to seek a way to squirm her way out of the crap hole she has created for herself. Hillary should do the one thing she will never do because it is the right thing. She should pull out of the running for the white house  because her lies and corruption are a smear on the greatness of this nation. The Clinton,s and their constant scandal and bad press are an embarrassment to this nation We need to show the world we have more to offer than Clinton Blame and Scandal.She needs to walk away and quit while she still has some freedom left. Lets hope she is indicted as that would be the most fitting end to her Horrific career than includes death,lies,corruption and straight up STINK!

Signing off but never tapping out

God Bless America


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